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When I first read Kara Thomas’ LITTLE MONSTERS, I was blown away about how expertly the book was paced. Every chapter, it felt like important questions were answered, and even more important questions were raised. I never felt strung along, or like information was being withheld just to create more tension. And, for someone who has read a fair amount of mysteries, and is a fan of unreliable narrators, I didn’t spot how this book was going to end.

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School Library Journal calls LITTLE MONSTERS “an eerie and masterly psychological thriller,” while notes that the book is “a disturbing portrait of how bad news and gossip can curdle when mixed together.” It was also a Junior Library Guild Selection, as was THE DARKEST CORNERS, Kara Thomas’ first book, which was also named an ABC Best Book for Teens. I’m thrilled to have had the chance to ask Kara a few questions about her writing and publishing journey, and make sure to check out how you can follow her below.


1. What is some of the best advice you’ve received about writing/publishing? 

The best advice I received was to write another book while I was querying my first. It wasn’t something I wanted to hear— I wanted the book I was querying to land an agent and a book deal! That book didn’t pan out, and it was easier to move on and set it aside because I had another manuscript ready to go. I’d tell authors who want to get published to always be thinking about the next book and not to pin all their hopes on their first book.


2. What is some of the worst advice you’ve received about writing/publishing? 

Write every day. It’s not bad advice, per se, but it took a long time for me to realize that writing every day doesn’t work for me. Sometimes when I force myself to write even if I’m stuck or uninspired, I get discouraged very easily. I learned that everyone’s process is different, and if I don’t write every day that’s fine.


3. What is your Harry Potter house, your most likely Game of Thrones family, and your favorite Lord of the Rings character?

I thought I was a Hufflepuff, but I recently took the Pottermore quiz, and it said I’m a Ravenclaw. I still think I’m more of a Hufflepudd, so I call myself a Ravenpuff.


4. What is something that surprised you about your career path?

That my debut experience was so different from my later books. My first series didn’t get much publisher support, but when I switched to another publisher, my career path changed for the better. My new publisher is invested in me and my books. I thought my debut experience would set the tone for the rest of my career, but it didn’t— luckily!


5. What is one book–fiction or nonfiction–that you would recommend writers pick up?

Stephen King’s On Writing is essential.


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