Gothic Books – The Cocktail Recipe


Serves: 1 reader

Prep time: As long as it takes you to browse the bookstore.

  1. A hint of ghosts. They don’t have to be real ghosts. But if something spooky or supernatural is happening, and we don’t know what yet…perfect.
  2. A murder. A body means something happened that must be explained, which means learning about secret desires, jealousies, betrayals, and all sorts of deviousness of the human heart.
  3. Cobblestones. Basically, anything and everything that evokes Victorian era or semi-vague-unhistorical Victorian era. Spaceship with cobblestones? Sure! Kind of.
  4. A haunting landscape. Cobblestones are important, but sometimes you need to get out into the countryside…a countryside that involves moors, cliffs, waves dashing against rocks, and maybe a spooky forest or two.
  5. Someone is not who they seem. A character might have a hidden identity, or possibly be masquerading as two people in the same book. Or, that person could seem sweet and lovely and be entirely devious instead. Or, the narrator is unreliable. Take your pick.


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