Happy Thanksgiving!

As we’ll all be busy prepping turduckens, or Tofurkens, or some mortifying combination of all of the above, I’m saving my next interview for next week. I have a lot of great bookstore owners and authors coming up, and I’m really excited to share all of their thoughts on their careers in the book business.

In the meantime, I hope you are getting to spend Thanksgiving eating lots of great food, hanging out with friends and family or at least people you mildly tolerate, and enjoying a break from work and routine.

And if not, I hope you get to do something for yourself anyway, and that you remember Uncle Stuart is probably yelling at the girl standing on her chair taking the perfect Instagram photo of the dinner table as Grandma Louise asks her why she hasn’t produced any screaming little minions to carry on her legacy yet. #blessed #perfectday

Happy Thanksgiving, and see you next week.


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