My Personal and Extremely Subjective Reading Pet Peeves

There are a few things that, no matter the merits or the popularity of the book, I am (generally! usually!) cranky about as a reader. These are entirely frivolous matters of personal preference that have become, for me, pet peeves:

1. Gore. I have to skim this. When people in thrillers are getting threatened by saws and hammers and the like, I cannot handle. I will have to skip to when the damage is done and/or people are either dead or recovering in the hospital.

2. Losing fingers or toes. This is more of a pet peeve that I see on TV shows, but I feel like people lose digits all the time as a way to show that they have been very seriously injured in a way that will not actually disable them very much at all.

3. The main character’s defining characteristic is his/her sassiness. This one has changed over time—I used to love sassy female heroines, especially in fantasy novels. But now I need those characters to have something else to define them—if they are sassy and short-tempered and nothing else, I am wondering how they made it into the court of their local medieval kingdom without a tongue or head getting chopped off in the process.

4. The wound that will not heal. The wound should heal. If it is a magical wound, find the magic that will heal it, plz. I refuse to accept that I must now suffer through with a protagonist always complaining about the sword stab that happened five hundred pages ago.

5. The animal dies. WHY MUST THE ANIMAL DIE? In stories all animals should live forever and ever so I can think that in some future and peaceful time they die peacefully with their owners/pet parents/pack/chosen companion.


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