Jack Death

Jack Death

Jack Death (September 2016)

Jack is an ordinary boy except that his father happens to be Death. Nadine is a perfectly normal girl except that her Mother is – well, that’s a Secret and not to be carelessly revealed on the back cover of a book. The important thing is that together, these two incredibly average children discover the lemon-headed villain behind the destruction of the Magical Creature Reserve and piece together his plot to divide the Golden and Black Bloods. They may even save a few lives.

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Praise for JACK DEATH:

“wit and humor rival that of Lemony Snicket…A fun novel with a great sense of humor, a tantalizing mystery, and easily relatable characters. A fine choice for most middle grade collections.”
–School Library Journal

“Death’s 10-year-old son and a risky new friend take on a cabal of genocidal racists in this lighthearted debut…Comfortably familiar and well-executed series tropes make this funny romp one readers will want a sequel to. (Fantasy. 10-13)”
–Kirkus Reviews

“Original, entertaining, deftly crafted.”
–Midwest Book Review

“Morbidly funny, reminding me of Roald Dahl with a twist of Lemony Snicket.”
–Rosemary Kiladitis, librarian and reviewer at MomReadIt

“A strange, compelling voice that will have you on the edge of your seat crying and laughing…original and creative”
–Sue Morris, KidLitReviews

“Wry humor, a fast pace, and lots of wordplay with a surprisingly philosophical theme.”
–Clare Doornbos from Diesel, A Bookstore

“Mix a pinch of Percy Jackson, a touch of the Baudelaire children, a tad of Goosebumps, an action-packed storyline with cliffhangers, humor, and a car chase, and a whole lot of rich vocabulary delivered in short chapters and you get an idea of what’s bubblin’ in Jack Death. The non-stop action and drama with great descriptive passages and derring-do will keep readers engaged as Jack and Nadine dash, dart and dive, gulping great gasps of air to escape bullies, trolls, ogres, and just plain old bad guys. Like me, they’ll be hooked and won’t put it down!”
–Stephanie Bange, Director, Educational Resource Center, Wright State University

“Jack Death is a little bit Lemony Snicket, and a little bit of The Munsters, but with a lovable hero and unique concept that are all its own. Quirky, charming, and delightful to read, Jack Death is unlike any children’s book I’ve read this year. I only hope that there’s a sequel in the works!”
–Rebekah Hendrian, The Book Nook and Java Shop