Round-Up: Great Podcasts for Writers

It’s no secret that podcasts are undergoing their own renaissance right now. Here are just some of the podcasts on writing and publishing that I love:

1. 88 Cups of Tea—Host Yin Chang interviews writers and agents about their process, their craft, and everything in between. One of my favorites was the interview with Leigh Bardugo. Even better? Chang also hosts her own Facebook group for podcast listeners to connect.

2. Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy—If you’re looking for interviews with big name sci-fi and fantasy authors like Neil Gaiman, Diana Gabaldon, and Philip Pullman, you have to check out this podcast, which features meaty interviews with a variety of authors, hosted by David Barr Kirtley and John Joseph Adams.

3. Writing Excuses—Writing Excuses is a craft-focused podcast hosted by writers including Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler. They claim that you should start with Season 10, when they hit their stride, but I’ve listened to the backlist episodes as well and have found tons of good info in all of them.

4. Literaticast—This is a relatively newer podcast hosted by literary agent Jennifer Laughran. She interviews authors, publishing people, and fellow agents, providing tips from industry insiders on writing and publishing.

5. The Sell More Books Show—To me, the name of this podcast is somewhat misleading, because it actually provides a weekly roundup of publishing news in a countdown format. The show, hosted by Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen, also includes a few tips and tools for writers in each episode, and refreshingly, the structure is pretty fixed and predictable, which gives the show a nice rhythm.


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